About Jam Catchers

There are moments in which words just can’t do beauty justice. No matter how many details you give, it just falls short in describing a moment or a feeling. When this happens, we turn to music. It can remind you of the feeling, at that particular moment in time. It could have been playing in the background during a poignant experience, music can act as a time machine always bringing you back or leading you forward. Whether its a father daughter dance at a wedding, a road trip with friends, or a perfect song to sing in the mirror, music brings about change. It is the universal language.

On Jam Catchers, we take playlists to another level. We create soundtracks, like that played as in the movies, but for real life and we share them with you so you can create your own! We also share the best in music festivals, and festival fashion and exclusive interviews with new artists.

“Funny how a melody sounds like a memory, like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night”